Bold 4

In a Bottle – nighttime fun on the town. The Lightning 650, which starred under a golden rocket launching fairing in the James Bond film Thunderball, was in direct competition with Triumphs Bonneville for top dog in the motorcycle world. It’s a classic bike and deserves the bolder advertising of the day.

2 Comments to “Bold 4”

  1. The bike was widely disregarded in period. I simply did not know anyone who had one, but then we did live in the isolated far north-west.?
    A funny thing, BSA 650 race twins ruled the roost in sidecar racing at all levels in the UK, everyone recognised how tough and strong they were and yet sales.? Hardly.
    Might I suggest, if you have not covered it before.. the 1965 BSA Lightning Clubman 650. Made only for one year in limited numbers, solely to beat Triumph in the big Production Class race.. they hired Hailwood, and naturally he duly won. I was very excited, I was there, my friend owned one [ son of a wealthy local butcher with several shops..] but he was a grand lad. He brought it round to see me the day he got it. As a lover of PR Bonnevilles’ I nearly fainted.. it was GORGEOUS, and to this day, I still think it is in a little cluster of BEST BIKES EVER. Lovely.. I’ll try to pin one to this.
    Regards.. have a good WE.

  2. Sorry, the pin~photo did not work.!

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