Glamour Shots

Boldest – Friday brings a twofer where the bikes play second fiddle to the gals who pose coyly at prospective buyers of these single cylinder cycles. Starfire was the quarter liter starter machine, the Victor was more off road styling fit for gravel trails. Soft focus anyone?

2 Comments to “Glamour Shots”

  1. The bikes were generally a great disappointment, coming very near to the end of BSA’s time in business, and it showed, quality and quality control were shocking. In truth, they were virtually unsellable over here in the UK, where Jap’ small bikes ruled the roost, more, in truth, Triumph made a much better job of it, generally.
    And honesty, given the po-faced gloomy models here, would you buy one from them.? Really..
    For the most part, at that time, period Commando made a great success using top pin-ups of the day in the UK, and all smiley.! And I think that matters. Check out period model Vivien Neves.. that to me, is how to make a bike sparkle.
    Happy days. Sometimes.?

    • Bike, thanks for your period input. That little Victor is a fun little machine. But, alas, you are right… the mighty BSA here is a ghost of its former world dominating self. The gals don’t sell the bikes.. just think if McQueen had ridden Beezas instead of Meriden’s wares… warm here this weekend. We’re off to pick up Deans repaired Bonnie.

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