Three Piece Suit

Adventure awaits – trying for size… “Suits you Sir!” Still my fave (Bill?)

One Comment to “Three Piece Suit”

  1. Bill speaks..
    I know THIS is the right choice for you, on so many levels. I also know it would be my FIRST choice, were I still able to do so. [ I think you know Diabetes has got the better of my sense of balance, I can now neither mount, nor dismount from a bike.! Isn’t life a b#gger.!
    Good man, tho’ I will say it has taken a bit of getting you there.! Still, softly, softly catchee monkey.?
    Be assured, if the Lottery Fairy [aka Unfaithful Bint.!] gives me what is RIGHTFULLY mine, yours will be on its’ way, sharpish.!
    Photo is cool, was this a shop shot from the recent road trip.?
    Still a cheeky smile.
    Lovely day here, hope it is with you’se too.
    Regards ever,
    WF xx

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