End of September

Wheels Roll – quick spin on early autumnal roads this afternoon. Just let the way lead me wherever on main highways, back lanes; suburbia and forest preserve.

2 Comments to “End of September”

  1. Erm..
    The mails that you send and I receive are now loaded with US adverts.!
    I shoot them down and just as fast, another appears.! Or 3.! Damnation.!
    Did you invite these towrags in, or accept their shilling for letting them in.?
    It’s just that here, in the UK, I am slowly drowning in uninvited sidebar thumbnails offering everything, muscles, weight-loss, obviously available brazen floozies.! As soon as I open up there is a flood of the b#ggers.! I don’t need them or their fake promises.
    I liked all this before the recent outbreak of adverts, when we could just be ourselves, and happier. Perhaps.

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