Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – this years gathering brought many bikers together for a global-wide event now in its 5th or 6th year. Raising money and awareness for prostate cancer as men’s suicide rates it lets owners show off their togs as well as their rides. The route took the large group out through downtown to Lake Shore Drive and back to the Cobra Lounge on Ashland.

3 Comments to “Dapper”

  1. Some nice pictures and some very smart togs.. tho I was rather taken aback by the fellow in the [snow] white outfit.. Who wears a white suit on a motorcycle.? Some strange people around don’t you think.?
    As an aside, there are a number of people out on the ride, but without any helmets.? Are helmets not mandatory in your state.?
    I was really surprised, shocked even.. I would have thought that in this day and age helmet usage should be standard wear everywhere.
    Aren’t people strange. I already said that.
    Enjoy your week.

    • Illinois is one of the States without a mandatory helmet law. There are folk here who fight tooth and nail to maintain that… Freedom in ‘Murcia! I like to see the gentlemen (and Ladies) all dressed up. I’ll email a few other photos to you

  2. Me too please Geordie…..I agree with Bill, some very smart rides (and togs) there. I also agree with the query re helmets. I read somewhere there’s now more US States Without a mandatory helmet law than there is With? We were in Hawai’i in June and many riders there were sans helmet round town, mostly low speed but you can still get awful daid at 5mph if’n you hit a tree, right? NZ is a mandatory helmet country as is Aussie although there are dispensations made for riders with head injuries apparently (doubly ironic don’t you think?) Must take old Arthur to the next DGR here…if it was on this past weekend here I definitely missed it entirely. 😦 BTW I seem to have dropped off your mailer also…not had the email for some weeks…perhaps my Spam filter finally twigged…tee hee 🙂 For that reason (and as Bill I would please love some more pix of the Chicago DGR) my email: elmers@xtra.co.nz Thanks GB. Cheers, Les

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