Under an English Sky

Chopper x 2 – Sunday musings with a couple of posters of Triumph pre-unit Choppers. These are the sort of images I’d have blu-tacked to my bedroom wall.

7 Comments to “Under an English Sky”

  1. You and me both Geordie….I still have the 6′ x 4′ poster of Peter Fonda on the Captain America bike on my workshop wall, which I bought with my pocket money in 1967… Cheers, Les

    • ..a lot of my childhood stuff is now left to a diminishing memory. Some thing I’m not sure if they were actual or just dreamt. Luckily I still have my folks to verify… though they saw it from a different perspective!

  2. …sorry, 1969…been typing all day and fingers don’t work anymore… Here’s the poster I have however mine’s all black and white.

  3. Hate them. THESE are the very sort of images I would have used for Darts practice.
    I am much older now, darts days are long over, my hair too.. is long gone, a short beard thou..
    Enjoy your day.
    H & S to both.
    B xx

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