Bill’s new project – forlorn in the corner of some prefab garage sits a worse for wear Triumph chopper. Plenty of mid seventies elbow grease to revive its mechanical working from storage decrepitude… Mr Ferry, ready for a money pit?

5 Comments to “Homeless”

  1. Good on you Bill…….Look fwd to seeing it rejuvenated. A great Winter project…so long as you have heating in that shed 🙂

  2. You b#ggers.!
    You two know perfectly well, I would save the motor and cut up the rest.! End of.!
    However, can I show you both this, something worth saving by anybody’s standards, and.. it is Pukka.
    From a period when [1930’s ] Triumph became truly gorgeous and the most desirable scooter around. Sadly, this one, restored by a specialist, is more than I can manage just now. Now, if they had just waited a while..
    Gorgeous,look at the detail.. simply glorious .


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