Swimming – I managed to get back in the pool today after a month off. Just half a mile but it’s a start. The Tiger is a machine that can take a watery paddle, long legged it’ll cross streams and shallow rivers with aplomb.

2 Comments to “Freestyle”

  1. You haven’t mentioned your medical goings-on in recent weeks, except for today perhaps where you say you have been for a dook in the pool. Otherwise everything mostly OK.?
    Just to say..
    Folks in my circles [lots of circles..] on this side of the water, with the closure of G+ himinent [?] appear to be moving to the site “MeWe”, so I was invited to join [ by a lovely Triumph chap in Brazil.. can you believe it, we couldn’t write the script.?]. I have joined, but will remain connected to G+ until it closes down. We have known of the whispers of this for some months, but it still came as a sadness.
    Thro t’internet and G+ I am connected to lots of lovely people, and that includes you and so many more. My only hope is that I do NOT lose the friends I have, and enjoy. I just pray it ends well
    Do keep us all posted as to how you are getting on.. are you back at work at all.?
    Love to both.
    Bill xx

    • The hip recovery is progressing well. Just need a cane to get about. Though that is to be handled with care with the icy winter we have right now.
      Hope your email transition goes smoothly.

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