Collision Course

It’s not IF it will happen, but WHEN | So this was the reason for shortening the weekend: I had an accident on the bike, the first serious one. At an intersection in deepest Illinois farmland as I was leading the group the route took a left turn at a Stop sign. As I rolled to a stop the bike behind me barreled into the rear of the Tiger. Next thing I knew it was a scattering of me and bikes. The Tiger is beat up superficially and I managed to ride it the 200 miles home last evening – I frankly don’t know how. Today I went to the ER. X-rays found 2 broken ribs, a fractured wrist and a crack at the tip of my ring finger. Splint, pain meds, then healing. Remember kids! All the gear all the time! I could have come off a lot worse! The ride to that point was marvelous!

4 Comments to “Collision Course”

  1. Hi GB. Bugger, as they say but Yep not a matter of if, just when, and often when least likely or expected. Get well mate. Cheers, Les

  2. OMGG.!
    Trust you.. so much safer when you and your regular Pal are out on your own.?
    I am sorry to see these pictures, as I am sure the battered bits will hurt.. like hell.
    But,the ribs will be worse as every breath, every bite, each change of seating position.. Ouch, Ouch.. B#gger.!
    To my cost, I know this personally.. 10 years ago I fell the full length of the stairs, and crashed into a stone flagged floor at the bottom.!
    O/O/ B.! I don’t think I knew you then, but I surely knew about pain.!
    I really am sorry to see this, what with one thing and another, you have had a rough year or so, so.. try to relax, be a pukka Englishman and let your lovely memsahib look after you.
    Be brave dear boy, us chaps expect no less. ahem..
    And back to work will be.. when.?
    Billbo x

    • Thanks for support Bill. It IS safer with two or three. We had a group of 7. On gravel roads. I ended up as leader and navigator for the day. Tiring to look at road ahead, at gps unit and mirrors behind to ensure group was there. The ribs are the worst. Any movement is sore… getting up from lying down ain’t a vacation either. Fallen down stairs? Ouch! That can hurt like being stomped on by a herd of unruly goats… I’m back in’t office today… no rest for the wicked. Friday was my second day off this year so far… that sucks!

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