S’mores | When the tents are pitched, the tea brewed it’s time to build a fire and light it. Luckily there was an ‘honesty box’ wood shed near the weekend’s outing. The Tiger toted fuel for the fire pretty good. Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows anyone?

2 Comments to “She’d”

  1. I hope your day, and especially your comfort, is somewhat easier..?
    Different subject.. the way you have the bike, to my eye.. and my taste, looks just the job. Mostly workmanlike.. not flashy/wussy [?].
    I think I did ask when the seat went on, but don’t recall getting a reply [?].. is it a Corbin.? It looks supremely comfy.. and is it as good as it looks.?
    How is your wife, is she managing with you.. are you in TROUBLE.? Yikes.. She has had to become a working nurse this past year or so. She always looks so nice, and I trust she is. I truly hope life is good for both of you. When you are mended.. again.
    Try to enjoy your day.
    B xx

    • My wife is looking after me well. We support each other. The insurance company is already moving claims process along. Hoping the bike is repairable and back to ship shape. It’s such a good machine – so much so that I rode home 200 miles on an. As yet unknown, broken wrist. It is a Corbin seat and improves the ride immeasurably.

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