Heavy Man!

Leadville | The prime destination last weekend was the old mining town of Galena. Historical seat of Joe Daviess Country and home of Ulysses S Grant. In the early C19th it rivaled Chicago in population and was the busiest steamboat hub north of St Louis.

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    • Thanks Les! Great photo of SMq as bounty hunter Josh Randall from ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ – the sawn down Winchester was called Mares Leg. Great TV show from late 50’s that is still shown on classic TV here at the weekend. That looks like one of his Ferrari’s..

  1. Have you two been at the sauce again.?
    The car shown is in a fact a classical Jaguar from the 1950’s. In the day Jaguar built their sports-car race series “C” types and then the improved “D” type, the car of which there is a fragment only, in Les’ picture.
    That car is a development of the D type, but in road trim, albeit very fast road trim, with civilian amenities, indicators and stuff, and that is the car McQ aquired. Lucky man. Called in the day, the Jaguar XKSS. Most went to the US and many were raced in sports-car racing events.
    A truly gorgeous creation, but the “long nose” D type was even sexier, and that of course morphed into the XKE type.
    I got stuck in an XKSS at Goodwood in [?] 1997 and the factory mechanics on site had to haul me out of it.. that was fun then.
    Jaguar sports cars generally do NOT allow me to fit.. at 6′ 4″ getting in and out is.. difficult. Just too much trouble really.
    So then.. a Jaguar XKSS. Film attached. It is lovely, I hope y’all enjoy it.

    • Bill, thank you for the correction. I thought Jag, what with the forward bonnet hinging. The windscreen is similar to an Italian stallion veehickle. But they have smaller inset bonnets. No drink here; just some mild narcotics… oh yes, new helmet bought today. Adventure style with Bluetooth headset.

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