Bin Lid | A replacement helmet was ordered today. A store discount allowed me to pick up this Sedici Dual Sport item for a couple of C-notes. It has a sun visor, great field of vision and an integrated Bluetooth headphone and microphone setup.

2 Comments to “ATGATT”

  1. Now you’re cooking.. perhaps you do listen to me.? Or perhaps not..
    But well done that man. Seriously love the style, but bright colour for me.
    What is a “C” note precisely.? Is it $100 by any chance.?
    Local Vintage Car/Bike show on the lawns at our small seaside town 25 miles away.. lovely setting, Silloth on the Solway coast looking directly across the Firth to Scotland.. gorgeous.
    I look forward to it all year long and it is amongst the first to go into the diary, and it is a 2 day weekend show. Some nice cars, a mix of so-so bikes with the odd jewel, and everyone we know, which is nice.
    Except, we have a hellish weather front with us and the performance yesterday [saturday..] was monsoon epic.. the rainy season.!
    And today, rather less so than yesterday, but still WET.! B#gger eh.
    At the show site there is NO shelter, the site is wide-open, for the views.
    So then, I’ll stay home.. I think some Ironing beckons.. I’m sure the pile winked at me.?
    Enjoy your day.

    • A c note is a $100 bill. A ten dollar bill can be called a sawbuck. It used to have the Roman X on it which look like a saw horse or buck.
      Looking forward to this helmet. More than functional I think. Shame about the weather there. We’ve had the wettest May on record here and 2nd wettest spring. All plants have been slow to get going. The odd warm day but rain keeps coming. I have a work project waiting for planting beds to dry out – they’re just mud pits…
      Well, insurance paid out yesterday. Paying off loan and a little extra back for me: down payment for Tora Tora

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