Leather Jacket

Ride: I brush my teeth, I dry my hair
I put on skimpy underwear
And I ride
To hell and back
Yeah I ride
Carving up the nation..

Comic song by the late and everso great Kirsty MacColl for a comic piece on French & Saunders. In the video Dawn & Jen are riding choppers through a dreary English countryside- well they’re actually on the bikes which are strapped on a trailer. Kirsty would have been 60 today.

One Comment to “Leather Jacket”

  1. A fine singer, killed in a ridiculous incident.. what a mess.
    That so upset me at the time, and it remained so when I heard her sing on the radio [UK BBC Radio 2 ] tho’ less so these days as she is rarely heard at all. We lose them to the years slipping away.. I mean, when did you last hear Al Bowlly pouring his heart out.?
    [Try him on youtube.. trust me, a magnificent singer from the 1930’s UK danceband scene.]
    Love and peace.

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