J & R

Pet Tiger | I introduced my folks to the Triumph today. They’ve been visiting for a couple of weeks and had to go and see the green machine.

One Comment to “J & R”

  1. Nice to see your parents are with you. Your life is just go~go~go.!
    Your year has not been easy, so it is lovely that they are over to see you both,
    Now then.. I have just watched a documentary on the BBC about the Spitfire fighter aircraft, always enough of a reason to sit down and watch.. then I thought of you and your father, who also might enjoy it.?
    You have in the past told me that certain UK programmes do not play well on US tv, however and but, I will attempt to copy the programme and attach it to this reply. I hope.
    Do please let me know whether it works out.?
    Just to say, most of the veterans interviewed have died since the film was made in 2018.. the 2 delightful ATA ladies were gorgeous in the day, Mary Ellis who signed the Spitfire in the film, was over 100 years when she died this year.. astonishing.
    See if it works then, and if it does.. enjoy.
    L & P


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