The 60’s want your style back!


– given a chopper treatment. Sissy bar, hard tail, banana seat, peanut tank, through pipes, ape hangers. Make sure your decked out with: your headband, a poncho, tie-dyed shirt, frayed bell-bottomed jeans, moccasins. Peace Love and Understanding!

One Comment to “The 60’s want your style back!”

  1. Luv it….like the ancient carriage lantern tail light. Period customs like this deserve to not be returned to stock IMHO. Bike guys have been customising their rides since the early 1900s so every period has meant significant numbers of bikes reflect the societal times in which their unique ‘look’ was created. I like the fusion now seen in the vintage car and hot rod worlds, where those groups now respect each other’s view of their old (or old inspired) rides. The same applies to bikes as thankfully now choppers, bobbers, and classics now mingle happily enough at caffeine & classics Sundays here in NZ, in Aussie, and in USA, England, you name it. Great trend I reckon 🙂

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