Cats Whiskers

Tiger Tail

– I need to get a tail for the bike like this. Stripes too!

2 Comments to “Cats Whiskers”

  1. been following your website for a few years now and wanted to let you know i love the pics comments etc really a great site !!!
    i too love bikes and jump here everyday when i come home from work just too see anything you posted ive visited chi town a few time and loved it pricey but nice i live in texas ft worth area and ride almost 200 days a year summers are brutal here but so much to see if you vacay down here look me up give you a tour and place to stay for a few days ,

    • Thanks for your note. Appreciate fellow riders seeing what nonsense I post each day. Good you can get that many days riding in there- but the heat would defeat me. I’ll keep you in mind should I be in your neck of the woods!

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