Kawasaki W800 – Bonnie lookalike

Several years ago Kawasaki came out with the W650, a short lived cult classic which had the looks of a British twin, even more so than the then newly debuted Triumph Bonneville, and the unleaking, electric unfailing reliabiliy of a modern bike. Well Team Green have come out with a larger one, to compete directly with the Bonnie perhaps, but this time in classic Kawasaki colors of the time. This should sell by the truckload… sign me up!

2 Comments to “Kawasaki W800 – Bonnie lookalike”

  1. Do you know if this particular tank design was an early mock-up by Kawasaki themselves or a custom idea that never seen the light of day? I think it looks miles better than the graduated green and chrome emblem of the current model.

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