Some Triumph specific locations in and near Chicago

First off a couple of dealers where the new Triumph motorcycle range can be found. Note to self: “must go for a test ride of the new Bonneville…”. Looking at reviews on they both have 5 star ratings for both customer care s well as maintenance. A good motorcycle mechanic you get on with is worth his weight in old british iron!
Here’s a place which specialises in vintage bikes, British as well as other European marques such as BMW. Again good review results so worth a try when looking for expertise in the realm of old motorcycles.
Finally Morries Place in RIngwood, Illinois. A wee bit of a hike to northern Lake Co. but well worth it. Both for Ed Zenders immeasurable knowledge on Brit Iron as well as his display of Triumphs, Nortons, BSA’s and all. He worked on my bikes engine and I trust him with all vintage mechanical work.
Eye Candy for sure…
Royal Enfield

Triumph Speed Twin

A Pair of Norton Commandos

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