Catch a Tiger by the Trail…

In the last breath of life in the Meridan existance of the Triumph name, one model was promoted in a small way for a very specialist use: the street scrambler. Using a name made from desert racing no doubt, the Tiger 750 model, TR7R, was, in 1982, given a fresh lick of paint, big front hoop with knobbly tire, long front forks, engine bash guard and natty headlight mesh. A little too heavy against the lightweight two-strokes offered by Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawaaki and Honda; or even the 600 4 stroke singles for that matter. The only direct competions would be the newly released BMW GS80, embryonic monster trail, grandpappy of the big GS1150 used by globetrekkers now.

The blackened engine is aimed at the Yamaha crowd of the time. As is the boxy silencer.

Here’s a clean example on display at the Motorcycle Museum in London, wheel displayed aloft in expected ride style!  Big plastic off-road mud guard in front, very un-triumph!

A clean example at the Ace cafe; a brace of enthusiastic onlookers enjoy it’s company!

Left hand gears, disc brake front, drum rear, short seat, wide braced bars, kick starter. This looks like it would actually be a fun ride for adventure travel! Just need some period looking aluminium panniers! Shades of todays Scrambler 900 model? Here’s a couple more views of this little corker of a ride! Enjoy! Oh, and it seems to be as rare as hens teeth!

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