Davy Jones (1945-2012)

The wee Monkee passed away today, aged 66, though eternally youthful. Their music and zany escapades are for sure a big part of growing up and maintaining a bright view of life.  Here he’s on his 60’s Honda CB450 ‘Black Bomber’.

2 Comments to “Davy Jones (1945-2012)”

  1. It was a GREAT time to be young and [in the UK] watch their crazy behaviour on Saturday evening tv. He was a fun guy in a fun band. And like the best of that time, they left us a wonderful legacy of their work.. they just got Soooo much better as they went along. Happy days.
    R I P..

    • Absolutely Bill, I thoroughly enjoy the music of that era; there’s a youthful freshness to it. Though I like stuff from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s etc. If its good music, it’s good to listen too! Hope you’re well mate. Dave

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