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April 15, 2012

Woodstock Walneck

A Swap Meet at Woodstock IL today allowed a plethora of vintage bikes, parts, and ‘cyclists to be regarded. I’ll spend the next few days going over the finds I saw: obviously some British Iron was represented, as was a LOT of Harley Davidson, but a few 70’s Japanese gems was seen too. Starting today with some of the Triumph findings…


This trailer has a whole early seventies Bonneville, a rolling chassis pats bike and was fresh out of the barn; a project for the taking only $2500.  Go on! Haggle!

Lying askew on the grass at the estimable Ed Zenders (Morries Place) spot was this forlorn 650cc engine. A little rough around the edges, but all seemed to be there; internals would be a secret only to be revealed upon cracking this nut. Then the fun would begin!