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April 22, 2012

Springfield MA to Milwaukee WI

American Iron: The swap meet was well represented with Harleys; about 80 percent was glitzy fittings for your Hydra-King-Fat-Glide, not my cup of tea; but a few older pieces caught my eye. This old tank with suicide gear knob is mechanical art to some eyes.

Elsewhere an eye-catching Indian in gloss black sat proudly. A true classic whose lines still hold their beauty. A Garbo, Grable or Gish from the age of the first talkies.

This tank shows off the shiny controls and dials, the Indian Head medallion completes the delicious detail. 

Finally, there was an old Knucklehead Harley Davidson, in original condition sitting by itself drawing many onlookers. In this condition these are worth a good $45k; some would say a further $20k to restore. Me? I would get the engine running, all controls greased, new tires, an ‘oily rag’ polish and ride it the way it is; a time-worn patina that looks perfect. This is a ’39 EL. A rugged Clark Gable to match the Hollywood belle’s mentioned above.