Letting’ the Good Times Rock ‘n’ Roll

These was a great selection of Japanese bikes at the Mods and Rockers gathering; in particular my favourite of the Oriental Order: Kawasaki. Starting with this green 2stroke demon: the Mach III, supersonic cubed. A powerband to rip limbs from joints or so I’ve heard. Treat with respect or it’ll tear you to shreds! The double green tank is sublime.


Another beast, this one with a vociferous roar is the big Zed KZ1000. On my list of top ten motos: pure motorcycle wrapped around the perfect four cylinder engine.


The next two take us into the eighties, hints of Eddie Lawson superbikes in the tuning and styling. GPZ1100, and a 750 (this one in all flat black a la Road Warrior)



These are the forefathers of the modern superbikes. The Mach III being some lunatic relative best left alone; but the Zed, 1100 and GPZ’s are the speed-kings of their day: then in ’84 the Ninja 900 came along and the future path to the big nigh-on 200bhp missiles we have now was established.

Then as a nostalgic side note the motorcycle arm of KHI brought out the W650, a recreation of their 1963 W model itself direct emulation of British twins from that time. This time it was a reliable, leak-free, easy handling bike that Triumph should have had out before their modern Triumph. The W650 is a rare machine indeed having been sold for only 2 years in the ‘States (8 in Europe). However it is certainly NOT out of place at a Mods & Rockers bash!


2 Comments to “Letting’ the Good Times Rock ‘n’ Roll”

  1. But when is Yamaha going to pull it’s finger out and release a TX650 twin with fuel injection, a decent oil filter-alternator-ignition-swingarm bearing-headstem bearing???? Beaten to the punch by Kawasaki and Triumph. The TX / XS would potentially be the best retro twin ever – especially with a 270 degree crank

    • The XS 650 is the ‘Other’ twin from ‘the day’. Indeed Yamaha could benefit from jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon and get a new model on the roads. Too many R-1 and R-6’s.

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