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July 2, 2012

Let’s cross the Alps

Taking Hannibal’s route sees us back in Italy; this time the other big roman name: Ducati. Always restrained design that sets the high-bar for other makes. Let’s start with the recent 1000 cc Sport model tank:

If you’re talking about design and Ducati mention MUST be made to the 916. It took super bikes into another orbit. Both on the road and the track. Carl Foggarty saw many chequered flags on the world Superbike championships through the nineties. You can just look at these all day long..

The owner of this next Moto was honest in saying it was an absolute bear to ride anything slower than 50mph on poor roads. Long sweepers through the Italian Alps is its true playground. But it is a beaut to gaze at. A bike that looks like its moving even standing still. Darmah 900ss


The teal blue grey hailed from the Paul Smart racer in the early 70’s. A setup given a new lease of life recently with a special edition 1000 cc bike. Modern Duke engine, good tires, brakes and frame. I’m MAKE room in a garage for one, they look terrific! Now if Triumph could do a ‘remake’ of Slippery Sam with one of their triples then we’d be talking!

All these are of course still photos from the Mods & Rockers afternoon on Lincoln Avenue.