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July 3, 2012

You meet the Nicest People… (part ?)

Hondas from the seventies: a perfect machine to have as a basis for an urban totin’ cafe Moto, or a restoration for a reliable old bike that any home mechanic with a few tools and timing light can work on. Common as muck; which is good for parts; and var nigh bomb proof. It was of course the seven fifty that usurped Triumph and BSA from the ‘bike to have’ throne. Here’s a spotless early example.

It was also the miniaturization of the manufactured product pouring out of the FarEast that was also seen in the motorcycle industry with their four cylinder 350. A pocket-watch when other timepieces were wind-up Grandfather clocks! High redline, sporty power and good looks. A mini 750 for those wary of the big brothers power.

Of course their twins were seeing action too; a superbly detailed CL175 scrambler with wide bars, high pipes with filigree-like heat shielding and a ‘come ride me and smile’ attitude!

At any bike gathering of the older models just turn your head and you see ’em lined up ready to roll. Bell bottomed clad youth, with old skool Bell helmets and a SoCal tan and smile were the owners in the past; urban hipsters moving up from their single speed fixie’s are the crowd now.

Balloon Firestones, swan-neck clip-ons and pipe wrap is the way to go these days. It’s a lifestyle…