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August 6, 2012


The grey oily mechanicals are one part of a bike you can pour your eyes over; but it’s the shiny color that gives their bike visual life: Plenty of classic motos with their signature colour schemes were spied at the weekend. Let’s look at a few…

This Triumph hurricane and its fiery orange and yellow flash was surely eye-catching. That engine with three stacked mufflers strikes a strong sense of power.

 Another beaut’ was this spiffing BSA C11, racing green livery and a comfy saddle ready for leafy B-roads. It’s little quarter litre single stotting it’s chatter off hedgerows.

One rarity in these parts is a cherry-pie Matchless. Dollop of cream and take her for an appetizing ride. Sweet!

Finally, and these images are making me hungry, this marmalade sandwich Trident. A golden orange flash swooping along the pearly tank hints at summer riding days.