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August 17, 2012

Date Nite with Delores

Saw this listing on Craigslist today; the seller sure is having some fun with description…

Up for sale is this 1997 Triumph Adventurer 900 cc in line triple. It has two tires, a seat, and an engine filled with oil. All the stuff you would expect to find on a motorcycle. Plus it’s a Triumph, you know who rode a Triumph? Fonzie. You know what Fonzie is? Cool.

It has an after market speedometer as the factory unit broke, I have the factory one so you can add the two mileages together. It’s under 20k. It also has a two seats and a back rest that come with it. One solo seat that is on the bike and tells the world to ‘get lost, i ride alone.’ The other is for two passengers for the times you have to rely on owning a motorcycle to get into some poor girl’s pants. It has clubman bars. If you want to make this thing into a cafe racer, flip these over. Bam! Instantly leaning forward on a british bike. The pics make it look blue but it’s actually a bluish green color. Very classic looking and you’ll get compliments on the paint like you had something to do with it.

The carbs were rebuilt with new needles, emulsion tubes, and slide guides. The jets were upgraded to handle the additional air flow from the K&N pod filters. If adding a K&N filter to your car will increase horse power, you can only imagine what 3 would do. Plus they say K&N right on them, they’re awesome. You want them. I hardly blame you. The bike also has a new head light bulb. That’s a $3 value right there.

What’s the down side to owning this bike? Well, the right side fork seal is leaking. This just started, the parts are cheap and there are videos on you tube that show you how to do this. It looks to be some what a hassle but perhaps you’re the manly type that scoffs at this sort of chore. If so, this bike comes with the solo seat listed above. The other down side is everywhere you go some old guy will want to tell you about the 69 Bonneville he owned the summer he was dating Delores Hadley. She wasn’t that pretty, but she put out. I’ve heard this story a lot and I’ve determined that the bike gets a good deal of attention and that Delores got around. You’ll also have to hear from every guy on a harley that Triumphs are indeed nice bike, but just for them. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or what. I’m not sure why they think I care.

Bike is in bolingbrook. Cash only. I’m not looking to trade for 2000 pocket knives or craigs list dental work.”

Yours for twenty three C-notes.