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August 30, 2012


The Martini-Henry rifle was an Empire defender that saw action in, amongst others, the Zulu wars of 1879. Made famous with the Michael Caine/Stanley Baker film of the same name based on events at Rorke’s Drift where the British, being outnumbered 4,000 to 140tipped the odds in their favour with some deft rank firing and a lungfull of ‘Men of Harlech’.
Now where does this bring us? Well stack three of those long barreled breech loading weapon with bayonets and you have the B.S.A. logo. As in Birmingham Small Arms, who, before being the manufacturers of the Best Motorcycle in the World made the M-H gun.


Men of Harlech, march to glory,
Victory is hov’ring o’er ye,
Bright-eyed freedom stands before ye,
Hear ye not her call?
At your sloth she seems to wonder;
Rend the sluggish bonds asunder,
Let the war-cry’s deaf’ning thunder
Every foe appall.
Echoes loudly waking,
Hill and valley shaking;
‘Till the sound spreads wide around,
The Saxon’s courage breaking;
Your foes on every side assailing,
Forward press with heart unfailing,
‘Till invaders learn with quailing,
Cambria ne’er can yield!