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September 10, 2012

All the Gear!…..Seriously!

Reckless? Not our road racer mate Guy Martin. A couple of years back he came a cropper when nailing it at Ballagarey the notorious stretch at the Isle of Man TT. His Honda burst into flames hurtling him along the road. With bruised lungs and fractured backbone, a hospital stay assured he was okay. he enjoyed plenty of tea and fan support whilst recuperating

Racers wear their gear for a reason. Leathers, gloves, boots, a lid and all. Nuff said!

Guy spent some time that following winter convalescing by restoring an old narrowboat and touring the heart of the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. The Boat That Guy Built is the result: a great BBC show; ‘Chief’ Guy gave an enthusiastic survey of Blighty’s important role of Victorian Empire’s global spread until the ‘Sun never set’.