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September 11, 2012

The Project

Mostly there, ran when put away some years ago. Battery flat… and in a barn somewhere. Kicks over when it feels like it… but need to put your weight behind it. Tires hold air.. for 45 seconds… cracked rubber in some areas. Tank rust free… behind badges. Titled … when bought 40 years ago; can’t find now. Handlebars upside down.. looks like cafe racer… be a hipster! Original seat… from another model. No chain… lying on a road somewhere. No lights… so it was raced like a beaten mule. Would make a good project. Buy it, strip it down, dunk all parts in WD-40 for 18 months, crate up, move house several time toting crates around with you, finally get around to restoration, pull hair out, cry, bleed, spend too much money….

Then one day…