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September 6, 2012

Ten out of Ten

1. Boots? Sticky Dunlop Sportmax spooned onto Sun alloys – CHECK
2. Anchors? Kevlar wrapped lines, 6 pot Brembos on +12″∅ rotor – CHECK
3. Roadholding? Flat-track billet Tripletree holding beefy Buell forks – CHECK
4. Back end? Mule/Race Tech twin shocks… Nuff said! CHECK
5. Trim lines? Shorter Thruxton front fender and scalped rear ‘mudguard’. CHECK
6. Speedo? Naw! Just a tachometer. At Any speed this bike will handle. CHECK
7. Where’s the oil cooler? Neat integrated motor mount and cooler niftyness. CHECK
8. Riders perch? Superbike bars (Go Eddie Lawson!) stepped bumstop seat. CHECK
9. Engine? Lightly modded and carefully sweetened: rejetted; airbox eliminated; smidgen more ignition advance; bellowing high piped exhaust with barking mufflers. CHECK
10. Orange??? Yup! CHECK






Thanks to Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles for building this fabulous Triumph Bonneville for some lucky bastard. Thanks to Chris Hunter for posting this on his wonderfully inexhaustible Moto related website today.