Ten out of Ten

1. Boots? Sticky Dunlop Sportmax spooned onto Sun alloys – CHECK
2. Anchors? Kevlar wrapped lines, 6 pot Brembos on +12″∅ rotor – CHECK
3. Roadholding? Flat-track billet Tripletree holding beefy Buell forks – CHECK
4. Back end? Mule/Race Tech twin shocks… Nuff said! CHECK
5. Trim lines? Shorter Thruxton front fender and scalped rear ‘mudguard’. CHECK
6. Speedo? Naw! Just a tachometer. At Any speed this bike will handle. CHECK
7. Where’s the oil cooler? Neat integrated motor mount and cooler niftyness. CHECK
8. Riders perch? Superbike bars (Go Eddie Lawson!) stepped bumstop seat. CHECK
9. Engine? Lightly modded and carefully sweetened: rejetted; airbox eliminated; smidgen more ignition advance; bellowing high piped exhaust with barking mufflers. CHECK
10. Orange??? Yup! CHECK






Thanks to Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles for building this fabulous Triumph Bonneville for some lucky bastard. Thanks to Chris Hunter for posting this on his wonderfully inexhaustible Moto related website today.


5 Comments to “Ten out of Ten”

  1. David Lawrie..
    Have you gone entirely MAD..? Lucky bastard.. I don’t think so.. !
    It was built for a US military padre !
    You just mind they don’t want their green card back sunbeam. cos’ you’re NOT getting back in here. It’s still bloody rainin’ and it was when you took off and left..!!
    See my comments on BikeEXIF. I sneaked in to comment. You copped it.! Chris and I are still pals, that’s nice, but I can’t cope with the bikes he shows these days… yeuuuuuuuuuugh ! Shite.! With the odd jewel. Herewith a jewel. By my hero, Mule. Like the old song.. ” every thing she [he] does is MAGIC “. And it generally is. HD or modern Bonnie’, what he does is stick to his simple formula and turn out quality so far in advance of the most on BikeEXIF that it’s “outasight”. Mega.
    So that’s you sorted then.
    If you come back to visit family etc, let me know and maybe we could meet for a drink [have I said this before..? I worry about dementia setting in.. me mam had it !]
    Anyway. For now..
    Bill x

    • Bill,
      Long time no chat! How are ye dein’? It’s been a hot, hot summer here. Too hot for the Bonnie (also the electrical gremlins were being mischievous) but she’s running well now and autumn days give nice rides. Yes, I did read about the Triumphs new owner and I’m sure a WELL DESERVED recipient he is too, for sure. I was getting tired of cheeky comments on Chris’s site with no passion. I just plain enjoy motorcycles for the sake of themselves. Also my daily blog entries take up what little spare time I have…
      I will be in Blighty this November; perhaps a meeting in Hexham could be arranged? I could cajole my father for a drive along the military road.
      Take care pal, and as always ride safe!

  2. Yo DL,
    Magic response, don’t you just love the pastor [USAF..] getting his bike “improved” by the best man in the colonies. Mega.
    And as for.. “hot, hot Summer here”.. I’ll give you summer..! Ask Pop, he’ll tell you.. bloody dreadful.
    UK in November..? funny time to come..will the sun have gone in then..?
    Anyway, DO keep me in mind, DO let me know when you’ll be here, where AT [?] and.. for how long. I’ll do my level best to get to you. Noggin [bar meal..?] and a natter. That should do it. How very Anglo..
    In the meantime, on this grey, damp, greasy day.. I wish you well.

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