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November 4, 2012

A Barn-find from the Sub-Continent

A Rat bike reborn…

All over the world Triumph’s are still being unearthed from dusty sheds, oily tarpaulins, or aged cellars. Here is one such project from an Indian moto-forum where the owner, one Sanjay, based in Chennai, was gifted from a dear uncle. The photos show what 30-plus years in a basement off the monsoon airs of the Bay of Bengal can do. A complete looking bike but a LOT of work lies ahead. These were taken in 2009.

It’s got some rust issues. and may have some engine internals requiring a little more than basic machine work. However there is a worldwide network and supply chain of information available to these old gals’ restoration.

Ooh! To get my hands on something like this… It’s the Meccano builder in me; the lad who likes to take things apart; the biker who want to ride his very own machine… knowing every nut and bolt!




There’s a Speed Twin under there somewhere… a good soaking in oil, warm up the old Whitworth spanners and plenty of elbow grease… notebook, ziplock baggies, camera, and some helpful co-conspirators on the interweb or a local moto-group and the next several months or years are busied up!

…to be continued!