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November 8, 2012

Light the Blue touch paper……..~*

It all comes together: wheels are laced and new tyres shod onto the spruced up rims. Let’s not talk about the blueness… it’s somewhat bright, like an ice cream van from my youth… … but I’m sure in the right company and setting it looks perfect.



Nevertheless, bolting the chassis together with the ‘new’ tins, triple-tree’d forks and various brakeing, oiling, wiring appendages and fixin’s.

The headlight nacelle is a gorgeous unified design element of these twins, it’s a shame they didn’t keep this going through to later models, or even bring this back to the modern classics… … the Smiths Clocks look potent too – put’s the speed in Speed Twin.

Shoehorn the engine in, pop on the wheels and a motorcycles rebirth is imminent. Love the wall mounted tool rack, specialist pullers, keys, and Whitworth spangles are touched by the patina of oily hands.

The penultimate throes of the project always throw up hidden gremlins: tolerances between refinished and new parts, Lucasian electrical imps, and the other item that always takes patience: the paperwork. Every country, state, municipality, hamlet, whatever needs the bike registered, licensed , titled, taxed etc. A wad of document nearly as thick as the receipts for parts, machine work, painting, and the miscellaneous nut, bolts and washers renewed sith stainless steel replacements to allay future rot from damp Bengal Bay breezes…

oh, and the ice cream van? Mr Softee, Wall’s, ours was Coxon’s Ices of Seahouses.