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November 27, 2012

Going Dutch

The Netherlands: known for windmills, tulips, flatness and of course bicycles. A few days in Amsterdam one had to be wary of other roadway and path users, be they trams, cars, bikes or stoned visitors…

The ubiquitous dutch cyclist rides a plain black ‘sit-up-and-beg’ bike, usually slowed by a back-pedal brake. A healthy and efficient way to get about. Especially when the only hill is the occasional bump over a canal!


Utrecht is a beautiful city perched along a picturesque canal. A bicycle is a good speed to dawdle around here at the speed of the water easing through this idyllic setting.

 It was here that we saw a unique bike that would be sure to turn heads: a wooden framed item, complete with finely sanded frame, adjustable seat height and wooden mudguards. Velo du bois!