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February 9, 2013

Never Say Never Again

Great Scot! Sir Sean played James Bond in one last outing in the early eighties… Not a Cubby Broccoli Eon Productions Bond; but an adaptation of the Fleming Thunderball novel and subsequent movie of the same name in ’65. Connery is seen zooming around on a square faired Yamaha 650, including jet launch ‘gadget’. A far cry from Fiona Volpe’s machine gunning BSA from the original! As a couple of side notes the screenplay (uncredited) for NSNA was written by Ian laFrenais and Dick Clement the writers for two great Geordie TV sitcoms: “What ever happened to the Likely Lads” & “Auf wiedersehen Pet”. Also a serious gearhead (and outstanding comedian) Rowan Atkinson, also starred in the film (his Geordie barman from Not the Nine O’Clock News is a classic! “Everest. That’s brewed by the Jormans in the Himalayas.”