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February 20, 2013

The leg bone’s connected to the…

I titled yesterday’s blog about Aldana’s leathers and omitted an image of them! Well here he is in all his skeletal glory!

Not only a set of deathly leathers but sitting atop a big Yoshimura tuned Kawasaki Zed at Daytona.
More shots of him in action steering the big lad into corners…


These are the days of the early superbikes which, with nary a nod to the rider would spit them off if pushed too far. The engines were ahead of the frames so racing them meant nerves of steel and the skill of a rodeo cowboy. No wonder he could wear a Superman outfit when haring around a dirt oval sideways…

Well, let’s get back on track, so to speak, he still races, albeit in a senior class, and here’s a shot of him aboard a latter day Triumph Daytona 675 at a Mid Ohio race. Smooth as silk.