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February 15, 2013

Don’t forget your Shovel…

One notable two-wheeler was seen last evening at the Auto Show: a custom Harley Davidson propped up next to an all black ’69 GTO. The engine was a shiny piece of art and the cycle work a careful balance of cleanliness and line. For example the rear drum brake was hydraulically activated with the line running within the frame tubes, a suicide gear lever under the left thigh and omitted front brake as well as the throttle lines inside the handlebars created the perfect minimal handlebars. p.s. this moto is actually an award winning custom chopper by Gas Monkey Garage which is televised for The Discovery Channel’s Fast ‘n’Loud show.

The black car? A slick ripplin’ black highway speedster.



Here’s a stock photo of FRED, in the desert… The rose color looks canny under a bright sun with a scrub landscape behind it and blacktop stretching into the distance.