Moving Global Health Forward

Riders for Health is an international social enterprise. They manage and maintain vehicles for health-focused partners in sub-Saharan Africa. An expertise in transport management enables health workers to deliver vital health care to rural communities on a reliable and cost-effective basis.


Riders for Health manages over 1,400 motorcycles, ambulances and other four-wheel vehicles used in the delivery of health care in seven countries across Africa. 


Their Vision: world in which health care reaches everyone, everywhere.


Their Mission: to make the ‘last mile’ the most important mile in health care delivery: creating, showing and sharing the solutions for achieving truly equitable health care.


Mobilizing Health Workers: There are not enough health workers to provide vital services to communities across rural Africa. However, with Riders for Health’s managed transport systems, outreach health workers can increase their productivity and coverage.
The majority of health professionals mobilized by Riders in Africa are outreach health workers, who are responsible for traveling to rural communities and providing  services such as health education, disease surveillance, immunizations, maternal and child health services and HIV counselling.
Often the most effective form of transport for these health workers is the motorcycle which is cheaper to run than a four-wheeled vehicle and can cover more challenging terrain.
Riders has 20 years’ experience managing and maintaining motorcycles used by outreach health workers and understands the challenges they face. We understand how critical their role is and how important it is that they can reach their communities regularly and predictably.
An estimated 2.9 million extra people each year have interactions with health workers due to the health worker having a Riders-managed motorcycle.

Excerpts from RFH website. This is truly a worthwhile cause that has been carefully thought out in effective execution allowing many to be reached by a few. And that could make a difference for some.

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