Me & My Moto

The rider and his steed: the weekend was indeed lovely weather to be on the roads. Sunny skies abounding. I’m a lucky chap to be able to take my restored Triumph out on days like this. Not too hot or too cold – I could have just ridden on and on.


Here to miles & miles ahead this year!

4 Comments to “Me & My Moto”

  1. DAVID !
    Denims man! Berloody hell..

  2. Ah but..
    Grand jacket tho’.. nicely patinated. If you get sick of it, remember your pal Bill.
    [I meant to say this with the “shock/horror” thingy above.. never mind eh]

    • I’m looking for a pair of Kevlar jeans with my long leggedness….

      • I’ve never owned Kevlar jeans.. I’m lucky enough to still own my own [?what?] knee-caps.. soooo.. DO be careful [ yeah, I know.. you got to this age and nowts’ happened so far so.. STILL.. dear.. be wise]
        Leather keks bro’.. that’s the thing IMO.. and I do recall that you did say you’d a set of leathers.. so.. leather keks then.?
        I may have mis-remembered.. in which case..
        next time you’re home I’ll meet you at Scott leathers at Barnard Castle, Co Durham. Still for my money the best leather makers in the UK.. AND, all for sensible money. Bring the memsahib and pop.. I’ll buy lunch after you’ve had a try-on.. don’t want no expanded waist-lines eh!
        You will note I’m sure.. I’m greatly given to IMO’s.? But at this age and life -experience point.. if you/one hasn’t formed ideas/opinions based on sound facts.. then would you/one be a numpty..? To hell, that’s NOT me son..
        I’ll send you a private e-mail.

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