Car Repair

Motorcycle fiddling gives you confidence for inner engine bay repair. In my endeavor to sync a notchy gear shift an end connector clamp leg snapped off. So ordering a new part, two to be safe, I swapped out both connectors and adjusted them. One slides the great cluster across the neutral — and the other moves the gears into their respective cluster ratio |||


Gertie is back on the road…

5 Comments to “Car Repair”

  1. Bonjour..
    Alors.. the above..
    Who and what is Gertie.?
    Make, model, sedan.. SUV..[see, I know some colonial words.] Gas, Diesel..
    I’m very interested in how you’se furriners live.. do tell?
    Hereabouts, the weather has reverted to type.. bugger eh !
    However there is the faint glimmer of more fun in the sun, on a high front arriving somewhere near to us.. soon. It says here..
    Trust you’se lot are all well, we, for our part.. are fit.
    Regards ever

    • Gertie is our ’04 GTI. Fine Deutschland veehickle. I prefer the smaller ‘hot hatchback’: fun, can carry, easy to park in the City. What’s not to like!

      Weather here is perfect. 70’s sunny and a wee breeze of the Lake. Hope blightys summer returns after the usual grey drizzle. D

  2. Erm yeeeeees..
    04 GTI.. ok. Which GTI.. a VW Golf or what.?
    Man you are hopeless.
    Suns’ out. Lovely.
    Next time you’re over we might try and do a meet [again] tho’ I WON’T HOLD YOU TO IT..!
    Happy days.

    • A 1.8T Mk IV Golf GTI. Not the V6… But quick enough for the City or ventures further afield. The dog fits in t’back and, a little more importantly, I fit in the pilots chair, the sunroof recess helps! Would I get another VW? Perhaps; but they’re on the dear side to maintain.

      We’ll definitely rendezvous when were next over. Dave

  3. That’ll do.. meet the [old] bugger that torments you.! Lovely..
    Car a good choice. I have an Alfa 156 Sportwagon [estate] 2.4 diesel.
    Lovely looking car and a great sports car driver.. been a good car for me

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