Half Liter Solo

Here’s what Triumph should be working on next: an entry level moto for the masses. A modular engine that can be used in a commuter, roadster, cafe, trailie, racer and light tourer. It’s a type that has been around forever and in recent guise was developed by the ‘too smart for his own good’ Erik Buell with the beginner Blast.


Honda has a tasty thumper in the GB ‘Tourist Trophy’


Kawasaki’s KX is sublime in green…


And of course there is the highly desirable BSA Goldie… Just look at it! Perfection on two wheels…


So Triumph! We dare you! There’s even an old single from the ex wartime parts bin….


Thump away!

One Comment to “Half Liter Solo”

  1. Now you’re cooking.. well done cus.!
    The more Bloggers [ists.?] like you gang up on the sole remaining Brit/Thai’ factory.. the more chance there is of them actually listening. Or at least, I’d like to think so.
    Of the list above, the Gold Star is widely regarded as the stand-out model from BSA and the best bike made in Britain in period, for all functions.. leaving aside pukka competition bikes etc.
    Do me a favour, at present on the Venture Classics website [in the UK], there is a totally standard Gold Star in touring trim.. and it is truly lovely.. no clip-ons, no rearsets, nowt.. do look and blow up the photo’s.
    I often think. “I’d like…”, but when I saw that bike.. my heart melted and just now there is no spare loot [ the car, mine, is to fix.. don’t ask!] otherwise it would be coming to live with William quick- sharp.!
    The Honda was a super looking bike and sadly, huge mistake, the wire wheel model.. was sold in the US, Germany and Asia. NOT the UK.! You do see them here, but for mental money. I loved the way the motor filled the frame, to my eyes a very aggressive looking bike and all the better for it. Even if the cooking CB500 twin could hammer it..
    I would prefer a 250 all -purpose single which could then double up as a twin.. that I’m sure is the way forward.. and get the weight off the thing. Tho’ a 500 multi function single as well would be lovely.
    We [me.?] are asking for too much, but who knows.?
    If only.
    Weather still fab’

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