Any color as long as it’s Black


Frame and fork components were returned today in splendid gloss black powder coated finish. All slick and span and ready for chassis assembly. The work was carried out very capably by JTS Coatings & Cycles in Lakemoor IL.

Charley the Quality Control Cat looks on approvingly. He doesn’t miss a trick!


One Comment to “Any color as long as it’s Black”

  1. What ho..
    The paintwork [?] all looks very good, would the circular objects be the hubs.?
    It’s just that some days ago you sent out a photo of the Cub wheels in what I thought was a “built” state.. and looking at the photo, I thought.. “those hubs have not been painted.. surely he wouldn’t build new wheels and NOT paint the hubs.?”
    So.. I didn’t write to you on the matter.. it does NOT do to be overly critical.. even between chums where there is some tradition of abuse.! laughs.. collapses!
    As to abuse.. I see the attack-moggy is back in favour.?
    The latter photo is particularly telling.. soft-lad daddy in full forgiveness mode.? laughs.. does not do to be.. etc.. BUT.. that cat has a somewhat shifty countenance I fear..
    Colonials.. huh.!
    Good to see that small part of you in the photo looking so well, I trust the remainder is equally well and you are recovered from the monster-moggy depredations.? That hat is a worry tho’..
    Berluddy cat..
    Sorry. laughs.. collapses again
    Regards ever

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