Our Steve McQueen would have been 84 today.
The Cooler King!

One Comment to “Hilts”

  1. The tragedy of his death was so unnecessary. Had he trusted quality doctors and USA treatments.. who can say, things might have been very different.?
    I’m certain he wasn’t a great actor.. but.. I am equally certain he was a great movie star.. and most certainly the king of cool.
    At his imposing best in “The magnificent seven”.? For me he stole the film.
    But I would just like to have met him, and talked bikes and vintage planes and.. stuff.
    Just to say, NOT related.. I have just got a copy of the Haynes Owners Workshop manual for the DH Mosquito.. it is superb. as are so many of these ridiculously titled books.. The dark side here.. Amazon UK, are offering it at £14 instead of the usual £21. And, there is a new one one the Maserati 250f.. the classic car mags’ here are raving about it.
    Speak soon

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