The Line

One of my favorite aspects of motorcycling is looking at the pure lines of the chassis, engine, wheels, tank, seat and other components that make it go and stop.


Just look at this Parilla: its tight form creates a swallow-like appearance of swiftness. The arched rear sub frame echoed on the tanks pinstripe. The little motor resting perfectly in its cradle. Even the ebony bum-stop perch reflects the Matt black exhaust pipe. Symmetry in motion.


Honda clocks: coordinated information. Instead of two separate ‘meters a single one with optimistic speedo stretched over a vertical odometer. Beside it the tach repeats a sweep of revs alongside its neighboring needle.


Indian Head: a Chiefs front fender with starkly contrasting whitewall sides and black rim adorned with the backlit stern featured ornament.


The other Colonial iron, here a sweetly pinstriped tank surrounds the clocks firebird-like. Die gripped gear lever hints at this moto’s age. A late 30’s Knucklehead.


Modern tin: the polished alloy big racetank is always a thing to admire. Especially when it sits securely atop a stout twin engine of Triumph fame. The brown leather seat cover adds the custom touch.

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