A screen print poster sold at Motoblot: the creases of a Lewis Leathers jacket hold the classic bike names from the golden age of motorcycling. Lewis are the riders protection of choice that improve with age and mileage: especially in the temperate damp airs of Britain.


2 Comments to “Lewis”

  1. G’morning..
    I had a 2nd Lewis jacket, 100 years ago it seems. It fitted but was far too heavy.. and always vaguely “sweaty”. Nice..
    Were I in the market today, I would go straight to Scotts at Barnard castle and get all my needs. They make fabulous kit, which I just love.
    They are the main supplier to BSB, WSB and MotoGP.. as well as being the contracted supplier to all UK Police forces. Deal eh.!
    For boots I would go to Altberg at Richmond, N. Yorks. They have Enduro, touring and a new sports boot, but not at all like the boy-racer stuff.
    All wonderful quality, it can be made to measure to allow for all widths and foot problems [?].
    When I lived at Catterick, I was a regular in the shop and became friendly with the owner, which was nice, but I’m long out of touch with him now sadly.
    Never mind..
    A truly glorious day here. Very warm as I write this, just a bit of a cooling breeze.
    A day to remember, the sort we so rarely get. Wonderful..
    So out with Amanda and I think we might go for a walk around a local tarn.
    Have a fab’ WE.

    • Breaking in British leather products seems to be a rite of passage. I remember numerous hiking boots, many wet, rocky, inclined miles up dale and down tor getting my feet to feel at one with my boots. My first biker jacket was a well softened article bought from a London market (Portobello I think) I haggled the trader down to a tenner. I’ve had older Frank Thomas ‘enduro’ boots, but now have a nice pair of vintage Sidi road boots (not an inch of plastic on them nice Italian lasted items) and my 8 hole Docs (found in my Alley) .
      The Scott and Altberg items are both superlative items perfect for the dedicated motorcyclist.
      Been warmer here, wetter too so it’s very close. I wish I was going for a stroll ’round a Lakes tarn. I’ve been to most of them, swam in a few on rare warm days. Take care D

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