My latest edition of Motorcycle Classics arrived earlier today and what should be on the cover but a Gary Nixon tribute Triumph. Not only that but a seventies Oil-in-Frame T120R set up ad such.


Number 9: baby blue. Lookin’ cool as ice.


It is a build from Union motorcycle workshop in Nampa Idaho http://www.unionmotorcycle.com/index.html . great article about a basket case brought in by a customer wanting a bobber – a little discussion and this roadworthy repli-racer was developed.


Me? I’m sold! Every inch is perfect. The lines, the big race tank, curvy fairing, alloy rim’d wheels, short seat, one up one down exhaust.


It sets you up for, what I believe to be, the perfect riding posture.


2 Comments to “#9”

  1. What ho Cus,
    These feloows have done a lovely job on the subject bike here, the paint is especially smart.
    The whole thing looks just super, however..
    You WANT the fairing.!
    This is in the style of the fairing that was fitted to the Velocette Venom Thruxton in period. [as an option, to buy as an extra..]
    They were generally by the Avon Company.
    Now, you are 6′ 14″ as I recall.. I am 6’4″..in the late 60’/early 70’s I rode a Velo’ VT fitted with this very fairing for a few laps of our circuit.. at our size, my dear they are wickedly uncomfortable.. so much so that I have a clear remembrance of the on-set of a
    cramp -like fatigue to the wrists and forearms hours later. Hmmmmmmm.?
    Mostly VT’s fitted with these fairings have them removed for use on the road [the bike, not the fairing..] the fairing being stored and generally being refitted to show or to sell perhaps.
    You know what the saying is.. “Handsome is as handsome does”.. this is gorgeous and.. cruelty.!
    End of..
    Trust you are well.

    • Even just the upper half….. My knees would stick out beyond the lower half I believe. I’m mighty pleased there are ‘garages’ out there doing this kind thing to older bikes. None of this lowrider bobber frivolity…
      Foggy and caad here. Hope all is well in the land of Cumbers.

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