USAAF Station AAF-407


Bill, you’re gonna like this one! A true zenith in Meriden Triumph motorcycles. The Thruxton! And this here one is a special looking beast: all details present and correct from the alloy hoops, to the long Dunstall pipes (which as noted by Mr Ferry, have a high route over the timing side and gearbox) and the beefy and thirsty tank.


Gulping twin Amals, night blue color and that Diana Dors shaped fairing. The five speed gearbox give a hearty top speed I’m sure.


Tuck in you’re in for a treat! Pilots eye view let’s you slip through the air with ease. No wobbling goggles here. Look up racing motorcycle in any Boys Own annual from my youth in the seventies and this is what you’d see. Classic!


The nose cone looks like something from NASA.
Oh yes, and yours for  £9,650 from Venture Classics run by Chris Spaett based in Somerset UK. go and have a gander at their other offering; plenty of fine machines to gaze at.

Thanks for the link Bill!

2 Comments to “ USAAF Station AAF-407”

  1. You..!!
    You’ll get us both shot.!
    I hope he doesn’t come after us for copyright anything.. but he can bung you a few quid if this promotes a sale.. It has been there a while.
    The bike is factory correct in every way, just as I saw them racing in period.. with Percy Tait [a hero] and Paul Butler etc.
    The pipes are factory Long Thruxton pattern, not Dunstall. In the day, all my pals wanted them, but they were expensive, so most just settled for the silencers and mounting brackets.
    The nose cone is original to this full race pattern fairing, just the very same as Malcolm Uphill used for his TT would have been removed for racing and perhaps even a similar shaped top half substituted for events.
    The bike will be a 4 speeder, likely with a close ratio cluster.
    In the nearly 50 years since these things appeared, and were winning week in and week out, very few are ever seen. Some likely tucked away in dusty garages, others come out for classic bike events or classic track days..
    This bike is very special to me. It may simply be a perfect replica built after the period.. most likely, but.. so far as I can make out..
    it is PERFECT. Had I the means, it would be safe at home and loved.. with me.
    That perfect. In all these years, I have never seen its’ equal.
    Have a lovely WE.

    • Thanks for more period details Bill! Did you get the post title? It was the US code name/call sign for Thruxton Airfield during The War. Fighters flewcfrom there to assist in DDay and beyond.
      Back to the fairing- the clear nose is ideal for road going aerodynamics. You get some without it and they look blunt. Perhaps I can find the top fairing like this without the belly. My legs probably won’t fold into that….
      Warm weather here. On off storms. Hope to get a ride in later today. Then there is a vintage European car and bike show tomorrow morning – so look for some great photos!

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