A girl could feel special on any such like


Wonderfully evocative photograph illuminates a couples youth as rider and pillion aboard a worthy steed: The Vincent. Home-fashioned leathers give a ‘we don’t care’ attitude – ‘ heck, we’re on a Superbike! But we do need to be clad for blighty roads and climate’. The image is labelled In & Aunty Corice. Fabulous!

Acknowledgements to Richard Thompson

3 Comments to “A girl could feel special on any such like”

  1. Well,
    She is deliciously pretty, by any standards and by any age.. she would be today too.
    He, unless it is just a “posed” photoshoot.. [matching helmets and riding kit.. they are actually rubberised riding suits.. sweatboxes.! All very Howard and Hilda.? Hmmmm..].
    He.. would have been seriously well-orff.. when this was taken.. 1950’s.. a new Vincent twin was the price of a cottage. And the further north a body went, into our country Cus.. the more cottage you got for your money.
    In 1968, as a youngster at the then MIn of Agriculture, I assisted a Land Agent in returning former Gov’t smallholdings to the farmers who originally owned the land and which had been taken by compulsory purchase at the start of the War.
    On that land, each unit up to 5 acres or so, a 2 bed cottage had been built as part of the Land Settlement Assoc’n drive to produce wartime fruit and veg’.. there were ancillary buildings, pig /calf hulls etc.
    The land was returned, not sold, to the farmers, and the house and buildings, with about an acre or so.. were sold to the public by sealed bids. And I placed the newspaper ads’ and kept the bid leger.
    They usually started at £750.. SEVENHUNDREDANDFIFTYPOUNDS.!! YES.. YOU HEARD IT HERE..!!
    But that was the going rate at the time, not that long ago.. the same properties now, today.. are in the region of £300k+.. all dolled up of course.
    The Land Agent was Major Martindale, a curmudgeonly old martinet.. who was lovely with me and fierce with everyone else. He was ex- Guards Armoured Division and my hero.
    He suggested that a particular site might be suitable for a family who might want to split it up into House with some land. and perhaps a further 3 building plots at up to 1/2 an acre each. Deal.!!
    I told Father [Mr Happy miserable Railway driver..] who wasn’t a bit interested. The house wasn’t coming to sell for a while, and I explained all the pro’s.. NOt interested. He countered with all the cons’.. his garden was sorted, the pub was 200 yards away. End of.
    I continued to press him, could he not see there was a golden opportunity for his 3 children.? Silence.
    And then an epic row when I called him a selfish old sod.!
    And the silent treatment for the next 3 months or so. Soooo him really..
    And NO bid from us for an utter bargain.. and as I was underage for a mortgage, there was no way I could have raised the money.
    Still, £750.. I can’t remember at this distance in time what “my” house went for..
    Hey ho..
    All well here and continuing glorious weather.. we’ve not had a run like this for years.. fabulous.

    • “The One that got away” or “Could’ve, would’ve, Should’ve!”… It sounds like some foresight on your part, supported with good advice, was thwarted. I can hear the silence this issue put between you and your father: he should have been proud if you with a reasonable venture, as well as standing up for it!
      I thought that pairs get-out was heavily vulcanized garb. More for riding approximately 150miles East of Perth, Scotland. Sweaty? Yes…. She does look like a Bonnie lass though. And it is NY understanding that that Vincent owner still scoots about on it.
      Weather good here too. A few ideal days interspersed with hot, hot days. Just about manageable for a lad from the foothills of The Cheviots.
      Have a guid weekend!

  2. Funnily enough, and I forgot to say..
    Amanda and I were mooching about in Penrith, a gorgeous little township about 18 miles from us at Carlisle.. do you know it.?
    This would be just Tuesday last, 22nd July.
    Outside of the gorgeous George Hotel, [ a pukka Anglo hotel.. perfect.] were two Vincent twins being saddled up by two couples, one already running, just throbbing away. And throbbing it was, both bikes were clearly of an age, but both had individual downpipes for each cylinder, running in tandem.. a la Harley.. stunning.
    I was some short distance away, avec camera.. otherwise I would have been over and chatted, I never knew a vintage man yet who didn’t love to talk bikes.. however, they were away before I could get going.

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