A Right Pair


A nice couple of new Triumph seen around Evanston earlier today. A crisp T100 Bonneville in classic black and red color with shiny covers.


The other is the neat and tight Street Triple… The mini-muscle though none the weaker. A 600 with looks to kill. Black is an appropriate finish.

3 Comments to “A Right Pair”

  1. And so, at last.. we finally get there.
    Every time I see you go all “Goooo-ey” over a Hinckley Bonneville, I think.. what is he on.?
    The Bonneville in its’ various forms is surely an OLD mans bike.? New Triumphs take on Enfields truly dreadful single.. the wheezer.
    Only the likes of our/my friend Mule can get them to really go.. seriously lightened and 100bhp. But at a cost.. $20k+.. more than I want to pay.! Sorry.
    So then, can I direct Sir, to the real masterpiece in New Triumph’s ranges.. the 675 Street Triple R, and its’ first cousin the 800 xc Trail bike. Both taken together would be quite a bit less than a “Mule” and give twice the pleasure surely.?
    Either would give enormous pleasure.. in the 675 ST “R” you would know, just KNOW.. you had the VERY BEST nekkid bike money can buy. From any maker, anywhere. In Euro and US mags’ it sits unsullied at the top of every list..
    The Masterpiece, with that 100 bhp+ and, yours for the price of.. a damn sight less than here.!
    Question is.. can you fit on one.?
    I’m perfectly certain those nice chaps down at Johnny’s [?] Triumph and Ducati emporium, would give you a shot on one.?
    Then we’d see.. no.?
    Still glorious here, best summer for perhaps 40 years. Trust you are all well.

    • Bill, you make a good salesman! 😉
      Today I’ll be up my elbows in grease stripping my Bonnie’s clutch. Its slipping probably due to having too modren an engine oil in it.
      Of the new Hinkleys here’s my list:
      1: Thruxton
      2. Speed Triple R
      3. Tiger Explorer (this one is probably the right size for me..)

    • I like your thinking on a Street Triple & 800xc in the stable… “Two sizes fits all”

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